What our valued Members are saying about EAMMA:

Roosevelt Tankard 
With my within the Navy I was compelled relocate to Virginia I decided that now was a good time as any to begin training in martial arts again with a back ground in Tang Soo Do and some BJJ I decided to seek out a School that had a passion for martial arts as I do and not just a place where students are negligible and money is the primary focus. I searched many Academies throughout Norfolk, VA Beach, Hampton and Newport News. While I do not reproach the schools that I by passed, all of them seemed to be clamming that they are the best! It was cardinal to find a school that produced quality student for this is truly a reflection of the school and its instructor(s) and not a figment of a fertile mind. As I mused on where to attend I was driving down VA Beach Blvd and Saw a huge canister that Read “Mixed Martial Arts”. I decided to go in and observe the class in session, and was I glad that I made that stop. I knew from the greeting and conversation with Eastern Academy of Mixed Martial Arts founder Wahsei Miran that this was graduate school for my formal schools. The Dedication and indomitable spirit could be heartfelt throughout the room as he explained the variety of Arts offered at the school at economical rates. I knew that this was not some spasmodic gym that was in this for the money. Mr. Wahsei Its founder clearly have a passion for the arts and teaching others, Mr. Wahsei did not brag about his school being the best but simply stated our status is expressed through the discipline and performance of our student. I have learned something new each time that I have attended class and the feeling of family embrace you at the door, however make no mistake this is the real deal! Mr. Wahsei is an envoy to the greats that taught him as he pass his superiors skills and passion for the arts into students that learn Martial Arts for competition, disciplined or simply for the love of the arts. I highly recommend Eastern Academy of Mixed martial Arts to students who are serious about learning and getting more than what they paid for

Denise McFarland
My son joined the academy 6 months ago and his body and mind have totally been transformed. The work ethic taught him in this academy will be with him his whole life. I also appreciate the personal attention shown to him and as a result his abilities have grown.

Lauren Childress
If you’ve been reading the rest of the testimonials by the students- you know it now, Eastern Academy is the real deal.  You will get real life training, you will learn from the best, and you will succeed- teachers here are more than willing to help you go the distance.  But maybe more important is what I see with the Dragon classes, echoed in the adult ones, granted in different ways.  I have always liked to believe that learning martial arts makes you a better person, and Mr. Miran embodies that in every facet of EA training.  He is endlessly patient with the kids, teaching the great importance of respect and honor, steadfastness in the face of any situation.  And what’s more, his students follow his example.  Nowhere else will you find an environment like this, and nowhere else will you find a more committed group of not only fighters, but true martial artists.

Meagan Williams
I’ve been training at Eastern Academy for only a short time, but I’m recommending it to anyone! I have met the most amazing people here.  It really enriches my life to train with people who share my same values and make me feel like family.  I am in the military and have to move to Japan for two years, but I intend to return to Eastern Academy as soon as I can.  It really is the only reason for me to come back to Virginia Beach.

Lee Blumfield
As the parent of a 14 year old, I wanted my son to get involved in a total program. He has only been training with Eastern Academy for only three weeks and we can’t believe how he has already changed. The instructors work with the students as a team, they teach respect and discipline.  Our son is not only learning a cool sport, but how to work well with others and how to take care of himself physically. He’s learned at a young age that if you take care of your body, it will take care of you.  What more could any proud parent ask for in their teenage son.

Jessica Metz
I would like to take this time to thank the owner, Wahsei Miran. Thank you for changing my life in such a positive way. Since I’ve been a part of Eastern Academy I have become more confident, calm, wiser and more disciplined.  I am now ready for whatever life wants to throw at me.  Eastern Academy has made such a profound impact on my life.  I know that everyone else that comes to this school will feel the same way. Wahsei takes an individual interest in all of his students lives.  I know he cares for each student equally.  I have a lot of respect for him and for the school.

Dylan Hale:
I have been at EAMMA for 3 ½ years and it has truly changed my life. This is far and away the best program available anywhere. When it comes to learning self defense, the most important thing is the instructor. Wahsei Miran runs an excellent, well rounded program that really works. I can say this for sure because I have personally beaten more than one black belt from other schools that have come in to try it out. They don’t seem to come around anymore.

Dane Metz:
I have trained at the best schools in Virginia. In my opinion Wahsei Miran is the real deal. I have learned more at the Eastern Academy in a short period of time than anywhere else I have trained at East or West coast over 3 ½ years.

Jennifer Mowy:
Even though my son has just begun at Eastern Academy, I have definitely seen a huge improvements in his attitude with school and his day-to-day encounters with people in general. I have been very impressed with Mr. Miran’s interaction with the children and with his no-nonsense, but very encouraging, style of teaching. He really makes an impact with the kids!

Mrs. Cole:
My son has been attending the Eastern Academy of Martial Arts for over a year and he is still excited about attending each class session. Not only has he learned self-defense, but he has also learned self-discipline and the principles of citizenship. The instructor employs all the qualities of being an excellent educator. He is patient, yet expects excellence. This is an excellent program!

Jimmy Chais:
I have seen big changes in my son since he started class at EAMMA. He is a stronger kid, his attitude had improved so much and he has more concentration in everything that he does, I am pleased to recommend this school to anybody.

John Strant:
The most fulfilling fusion of mental, physical and spiritual challenge I have encountered in a long time.

Gary Madsen:
I have trained with several other schools – this school is the best – train hard, learn a lot, excel.

Margaret Bryant:
Strengthens the body, mind, and soul while teaching safety and morals.

Anton Wab Miran:
To be the champion you got to train like a champ. I think EAMMA is one of the best martial arts schools on the East coast.

Najm Lavy:
I had to ponder what martial arts school. I heard of this school by word of mouth. Let’s just say that I received good advice!!! EAMMA has not only help me to stay physically in shape, but it challenges you mentally and spiritually while teaching you essential self-defense techniques and history specific martial arts which brings about a sense of pride!

Dennis Russell:
The Eastern Academy is a great school because we study self-defense in real life situations and that is when it counts in real life.

Troy Hoge:
The Eastern Academy is in my mind the premier academy around in mixed martial arts and real life situation fighting styles. I have tried other arts and found this to be true. I personally drive 45 minutes from Yorktown, Virginia just to train with the best. Miran is very patient, but very disciplined in teaching the Arts.